No Collateral Bail Bonds Defendant Application

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PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING: Informational Notice: It is understood and agreed that the happening of any one of the following events shall constitute a breach of principals obligations to USSIC shall have the right to apprehend, arrest and surrender principal and principal shall have no right to refund of premium whatsoever.

Condition of Defendant per (FI. Statute 648.4425)

Constitutes Breach of Bond if Any Condition Violated:

  1. If principal shall depart the jurisdiction of the court without consent of the court and the Surety Company or it’s Agents.
  2. If principal shall move without notifying the Surety Company or it’s Agents.
  3. If principal shall commit any act which shall constitute reasonable evidence of principal’s intention to cause a for feature of said bond.
  4. Principal is arrested and incarcerated for any offence other than a minor traffic violation.
  5. If principal shall make any material false statements in the appearance bond.

Financial Casualty & Surely, Inc. | phone: 877-737-2245 | fax: 713-351-8401 | 3131 Eastside Street, Suite 250, Houston, TX 77098

(Please Be Advised The 10% Premium Is A Fee And Non Refundable Unless)

USSIC as the Surety Company through its duly appointed agents shall have control and jurisdiction over the principal during the bond term shall have the right to apprehend, arrest and surrender principal to the proper officials.

In the event surrender of principal is made prior to the principal appearances and for reasons other than listed above, the principal shall be entitled to a refund of premium. By signing below you declare and agree that all information is true and correct and that any person knowingly defraud, deceive, mislead or falsify any information may be found guilty of a felony.

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